Our History
St George Community Association was set up in 1987 by a group of local residents who felt that there was a need for a community centre in St George. They originally met in a local library and held events in St George Park. After many years of campaigning a local building was found on the site of the old grammar school canteen. The building was in complete disrepair and eventually, in 1995, grant aid was given by Bristol City Council and the new Community Centre was built.

The organisation has a Community Asset Transfer from Bristol City Council, who lease us the building rent free. In return we look after and run the building for the benefit of residents in St George. We see ourselves as a 'urban village hall', a place where the community can come together. All the money we raise is used to maintain and improve the building.

Our Future?
Our current lease with Bristol City Council runs until October 2021. In the current climate of public sector cuts, we think it's more important than ever to keep community spaces in community ownership. Our ambition is to develop a business plan and secure a much longer lease (35 years would be great!). This would allow us to attract more funding and long term investment.

We want to be a real community hub for St George, and we would love to hear your ideas.

Volunteer team:
Tamsin Harcourt (Chair)
Anna Kilanczyk(Treasurer)
Jo Chesterman (Secretary)
Suzanne Proctor (Committee)
Loz James (Committee)

Paid staff:
Anthony Meese-Kennedy is our part-time Centre Manager. We also employ a part-time cleaner.

St George Community Association is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee no 08152352 and a registered charity no 1150688.

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